All deposits held with Bank are guaranteed by Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation to the extent of Rs.1.00 lakh per individual. The following schemes are available to suit the needs of the customers.

FIXED DEPOSIT: From 45 days to 10 years Regular income plan can be designed for the customer.

KAMADENU DEPOSIT: Interest gets compounded every 3 months

RECURRING DEPOSIT: Amount may vary from Rs.100/- per month and in multiples of Rs.100/- thereafter and from 1 year to 10 years.

Senior Citizen Deposits: Senior Citizens are offered an extra interest of 0.50% on all their term deposits of one year and above

The revised rate of interests w.e.f. 01.03.2017 are mentioned hereunder:

Sl.No.Period of DepositRate of Interest (%)
145 Days6.255.75
246 to 90 Days7.006.50
391 to 180 Days7.256.75
4181 Days to below1 Year7.757.00
51 Year to below 2 Years8.007.25
62 Years to below 3 Years8.006.90
73 Years and above8.006.90

* For Senior citizens 0.50% extra only for 1 year and above Deposits.

The interest rates on other category of deposits is as follows:

Sl.No.Nature of DepositRate of Interest (%)
1Saving deposits4.00%
2Bank Staff/Retired staff (self declaration that amount belongs to me) 1.00% extra on all term deposits
3Deposits of PACS (declaration by PACS that amount mobilized from depositors) 0.50% extra on all term deposits mobilized by the PACS

LOD facility available.

Safe deposit lockers are available.

Nomination facility available.

DICGC insurance is available for those who are depositing money in DCCB,M Nagar

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